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  •      Medical Intuition can be classified as both an art and a science. Its roots lie in our ancient and innate intuitive abilities.

         Medical Intuition is a process of "perceiving" information about the human body. The process involves intuitively scanning the body for areas of imbalance that may need alignment or treatment, and includes "reading" the body's insides, i.e., the organs, glands, blood, etc.

         Animals are able to intuit their own physical needs, and humans have these same capabilities.  Within the realm of the "animal kingdom", however, human beings are blessed with self awareness, which makes them unique, as well as complex. Human thinking goes far beyond the simple "pictures" that are innate to the animal part of us. We spend an enormous amount of time either "replaying" situations in life that are often perceived as hurts and/or slights, or "projecting" events that keep us feeling fearful and/or traumatized. Either way, the cause of body-energy imbalance, and subsequent illness start at very deep thinking / feeling levels, and the diagnostic equipment of modern and alternative medicine simply can not penetrate to these levels-of-cause in human beings.

         Unfortunately, in the past, as humans we have often suppressed these innate abilities, even giving away our own personal power to "know" our own needs. And, as is sometimes the case, this natural ability has often been maligned and denigrated, such that we have been kept separate from the use of this remarkable tool for health and well being. This has been the result of many of the mental attitudes, fears, assumptions and judgments of man - and many times stemming from the desire to maintain power and control of others. A relatively recent example of this was in the early 1960's when, much to the chagrin of the medical establishment, the science of healing with biofeedback machines was exploding, and Elmer and Alyce Green, who were early researcher's in the field, were working with yogies and how they were able to control their internal states through thought and meditation. Some of the statements about the use of biofeedback included in their book titled, Beyond Biofeedback, are: "Biofeedback involves persons taking responsibility for their own conditions and actively participating in their therapy", also, "Suddenly I realized that it isn't biofeedback that is the 'panacea'--it is the power within the human being to self-regulate, self-heal, re-balance. Biofeedback does nothing to the person; it is a tool for releasing that potential."

         Fortunately, with the raising of human consciousness, there are more open-minded medical doctors and other health professionals who are beginning to use - and benefit from the use of - Medical Intuition!  A case in point is the mutually-beneficial relationship of well-known Medical Intuitive, Carolyn Myss and Harvard-trained neurosurgeon and researcher, Dr. Norman Shealy. Almost 20 years ago, Dr. Shealy was introduced to a young woman with a special gift: she could “see” illness in other people with only her intuition to guide her. After extensive testing, he concluded that her ability to diagnose illness – even from remote distances – was 93% accurate. Today Caroline Myss is a legend in the field of intuition and energy healing. Other notable intuitive practitoners who've assisted their clients with health issues were the man known as the "Sleeping Prophet", Edgar Cayce, and Phineas Parkhurst Quimby, who has been acknowledged for his "clairvoyant" faculty.

         The importance of the field of medicine cannot be denied, and the services of the many wonderful and dedicated doctors and health-care practitioners have been invaluable to so many people.  It is, however, very likely that we would have a much healthier society, if more people would understand their inherent rights as human beings, and utilize their natural gifts in the fields of self-medicine and self-care. Everyone has the ability to be a competent and/or good healing intuitive, however, in a situation where one has not yet tapped into their own gifts, they are missing an important tool in achieving true wellness, if they are NOT using a Medical Intuitive as part of their "healing team". A good intuitive can get the answers needed so that the client can provide the body with the assistance it needs - it can then do what it innately knows how to do - to heal itself.

         An evaluation by way of the use of Medical Intuition can provide information that is important to the healing process not only with respect to issues of the physical body, but can also identify the mental and emotional factors that act as direct contributors to health projects. The results of the evaluation process can include such information as the location of inflammation in the body, the evaluation of the health of a gland or organ, and even the validation of a strong emotion that is impacting health.  In many cases the imbalances within the body can be identified long before the manifestation of any disease "label". People who are good candidates for the use of a Medical Intuitive practitioner include anyone with a serious health challenge and/or a desire to be deeply well.

         Medical Intuitive practitioners are often found in the non-medical healing arts, which include energy work, bodywork, spiritual counseling, herbal ism, etc., and, as a rule, their talents and training are in conjunction with one or more other healing modalities. These practitioners often allow an inner "knowing" or intuitive nature to lead them where to lay hands on clients, offering suggestions and recommendations, etc.  They can often identify energy blockages and imbalances, recognizing the strengths and weakness of their clients' overall health and well being.  Often the Medical Intuitive will be able to explain the connection of energy blockages of the physical and/or etheric body to events and/or emotions that are at the root of the illness. Intuited information can be provided to the client's medical doctor and/or health care professional for further evaluation and discussion of possible treatments. The appropriate "assistance" may then even come by way of the healing energies of changing attitudes and beliefs, the laying-on-of-hands modalities, or diet and nutrition - including herbs and supplements.

         Used with integrity, Medical Intuition, is the single greatest and most definitive diagnostic system available on the planet. It is a wonderful tool to help people take control of their total health, through natural techniques of self-analysis.  By learning to 'read' yourself, and taking steps at a deep level to correct your own problems and perpetuate your own true wellness, you are miles ahead. You are suddenly much more in control of your own life and destiny. Although some Medical Intuitives are in touch with these abilities early in life, others may need to learn to 'do it themselves', with proper guidance and training, of course.

         Perhaps it is time you began working with your own Medical Intuition! You can learn more about becoming your own 'healing intuitive'

         This work is done by scanning the body - both intuitively and remotely - for areas or imbalance that may need alignment or treatment.

         Remote Viewing is a skill that allows a "viewer" to perceive some person, place or item, in order to describe and/or give details about the "target" that is inaccessible to normal senses, due to distance, time, or shielding.

         There are indications that "roots" of the skill called Remote Viewing began thousands of years ago, with the viewing of people, places and things from a remote distance. Most direct precursors, however, date from the 1930's, with research into telepathy and "thought transference", investigations into out-of-body states and experiments in clairvoyance, by scientists and authors such as J.B. Rhine, Upton Sinclair and Rene Warcollier. Such activities greatly contributed to developments leading to current techniques, which were first coined as Remote Viewing in 1971.

          In Russia, during the 1960's, there were experiments with subjects in a room who were telepathically "sending" the information as seen while looking at cards containing symbols, such as circles, squares and triangles, to other subjects in another room, and who would verbally indicate which symbols were "seen". Beginning in 1972, however, research into Remote Viewing was "blessed" by the U.S. government - in the form of "funding" contracts - by such agencies as the CIA, the Air Force's Foreign Technology Division and the Army. Some of the research completed under government initiation include Projects Deepquest and Star Gate.

        Since then, in addition to governmental use, Remote Viewing techniques have been used, both commercially and privately, and for many purposes - apparently including espionage and industrial spying. Much has been written and some interesting web sites are referenced on this site's RESOURCES page.

        The context of this web site, however, is healing and the purpose of a Remote-Viewing discussion here is for the advantages of the ethical use of this art and skill as a tool for healing. For our purposes, Remote Viewing uses the Orian or Theta Technique, some of which involves the “viewer” quickly entering a theta state, and then moving his or her consciousness up, out, over and into the client’s body for the purpose of completing a body scan, for health-related feedback.  It is in this slow theta brain-wave state that the viewer / practitioner is able to receive enormous quantities of detailed and accurate information for the client, be it related to physical, emotional, mental or soul issues, as well as what the client can best utilize for healing.

        Originally, it was thought that this technique required a physical link between the practitioner and the client to receive the most accurate information. However, this has been proven to be unnecessary, as the accuracy is, in fact, due to the nature of this type of “crown-chakra reading”, wherein the information is from the highest Level - known as the "7th Plane", and the reading is ultimately very different from the more common “third-eye” style of reading.  In part, due to years of practice - which provides greater sustained states of theta - this ThetaHealing technique has provided many very long-distance viewing and healing sessions, for humans as well as animals.  Additionally, regular-practice experiences using the Theta Techniques, for viewing and healing based on "co-mmands", such as to “take me to the place where my healing services can be best utilized for the highest good”, have included very amazing sessions, such as being shown by Source scenarios in various portions of the world, including hurricanes out over the ocean, but heading for specific small islands, firearms buried and hidden under the Iraqi desert, and even an active volcano - under the ocean.  On several occasions, after some of these sessions, I also had the opportunity to share and compare these experiences with other ThetaHealing practitioners, some of whom were aware of aspects of the viewing, based on having heard news clips, just within the last few  days, of such world events being anticipated!

         For several years before becoming a ThetaHealing practitioner, I had the opportunity to provide clients with psychic readings that, at least based on the feedback, were basically good. However, upon learning to first access the theta brain-wave state, I noticed that my readings were so much more detailed and accurate, and my level of confidence literally took a "quantum leap"!  Now, ten years later, I firmly believe that Remote Viewing, using the Theta Technique, offers Medical Intuition practitioners the opportunity to provide their clients with the very-best-possible level of accuracy of information. Additionally, it provides a wonderful tool for the client to determine the type of assistance his or her body requires for improved health and well being, thereby offering the best opportunity for their choices to be based on "informed" decisions.

    Training in both Medical Intuition and Remote Viewing is a very major and
    integral part of theThetaHealing-Basic classes.

    For more information about this training please refer to:

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    Both Medical Intuition and Remote Viewing
    are very major and integral parts ofThetaHealing sessions.

    For more information about these aspects please refer to:

         As with many other modalities, self help is one of the best ways to practice in order to become comfortable and proficient with with the skills of both Medical Intuition and Remote Viewing.

    Training in both Medical Intuition and Remote Viewing
    is a very major and integral part of theThetaHealing-Basic classes.

    For more information about this training please refer to:

    Training in both Medical Intuition and Remote Viewing
    is a very major and integral part of theThetaHealing-Basic classes.

    For more information about this training please refer to:

         Because animals "think" in "pictures", the theta brain-wave state is especially beneficial for basic communication projects.  Where behavioral challenges are involved, it may be as simple as a misunderstanding between human and animal companions.  A pet may hold a picture from a previous experience of having been abandoned by loved ones and, like a child, a "belief" that attention equals love may evolve to (negative) attention due to nuisance barking. With Source's guidance, any beliefs that hinder the animal's relationship with their owner can be quickly determined and replaced.

         Although they are anatomically different, the ThetaHealing techniques, including both Medical Intuition and Remote Viewing, are basically done the same way for animals as for humans - including body scanning for energy blockages, broken bones, foxtails, etc. - and can be a wonderful adjunct for working with a veterinarian. Just as in working with humans, these techniques are used with reverance, honor and permission. While humans have the opportunity to interact verbally, in order to give their consent to having my awareness "enter their personal space", animals do not. I find my success in working with animals comes from beginning a session by first "tuning in" to their frequency and, in the theta brain-wave state, "introducing" myself to them, and explaining what it is we are going to be doing. This communication seems to put them at ease, and allows them to feel safe and more relaxed.

    Training in both Medical Intuition and Remote Viewing
    is a very major and integral part of theThetaHealing-Basic classes.

    For more information about this training please refer to:


        “Just a follow up; thanks very much for the work - it is greatly apreciated, and I have been greatly benefited from having you as my teacher.”
                                                                                                - Ryan Doherty, N. Ireland

        “I just had to call you about Buddy. I don’t know how you did it - it’s a miracle. The Vet didn’t know what to do for him after he flew into the drain cleaning chemicals and they are just amazed. He’s just fine now and such a happy little bird. He sits on my chest and gives me “nibble kisses” on the nose. My daughter and I are so grateful. It was a miracle, and I just had to tell you.”
                                                                             - Slavica Jurdjevic, Agoura Hills, Calif.

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