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  •      ThetaHealing™ is an amazing modality that is quite literally for the healing of one’s whole life - Body, Mind, Soul and Spirit - including one’s beliefs, and even genetic history!

         ThetaHealing is a technique that was revealed to Medical Intuitive, Vianna Stibal, while in deep states of prayer, as she pursued the healing of her body, which had previously been diagnosed with a terminal illness.

         ThetaHealing is a combination of many aspects of both Quantum Physics and Metaphysics - and it is as old as mankind!

         ThetaHealing is a conscious practice in the frequency of the Creator’s “Unconditional Love”, consisting of deep meditation, intention, prayer, co-creation, witnessing, gratitude and manifestation.

         ThetaHealing is one of the fastest growing modalities in the healing arts, having been taught in over 27 countries, by Vianna as well as her many certified Teachers, and with many hundreds of practitioners in even more countries around the world.

         With ThetaHealing the session is being guided for co-creation, by working at a frequency that is slow enough to connect with the “Creative Force of the Universe”.

         With ThetaHealing the trained practitioner quickly, easily and consciously goes in and out of the specific brain-wave state that registers between 4 – 7 cycles per second, is a deep-sleep state, and which was previous named for the Greek letter, theta.

         During a session with a trained practitioner of ThetaHealing the client also  goes into a deep brain-wave state.

         In a session with a trained Practitioner of ThetaHealing the client’s comfort and security are supported through questions and interaction, as well as permission for the making of any changes - especially in the beliefs - as they can have profound effects on the client’s life.

         With the permission of the client, the ThetaHealing practitioner’s witnessing of the changes by Creator allows for and facilitates the manifestation of the healing.


    Cellular Regeneration:

         Based on scientific research, the human body requires deep rest for repair and regeneration and, at the very least, a simple practice of using ThetaHealing techniques for meditation will provide that level for healing. Scientific data indicates the specific range of brain waves, that is called theta, is one that:

         -   Facilitates deep physical relaxation, and mental clarity.

         -   Reduces pain, promotes euphoria and stimulates the release of endorphins.

         -  Alleviates stress, as well as, promotes substantial and long-lasting reduction in anxiety.

         -   Synchronizes both hemispheres of the brain.

         -   Increases verbal ability, performance and IQ.

         - Invokes vivid, spontaneous mental imagery and imaginative creative thinking.

    Instant Healing:

         Whether the desire to heal specific aspects of our bodies and/or lives is for our selves, family members, friends and/or clients, the possibility of achieving the goal instantly is real and viable with ThetaHealing, and many have had the experience.

         Although all healing is actually done by Source / All-That-Is, and sessions are always guided by Source, some of the techniques used in ThetaHealing include watching the wonderful healing frequency of “Unconditional Love” being run through every cell of the body; replacing limiting beliefs about ourselves, our bodies and even the impossibility of experiencing instant healing; also receiving “lessons” from Source, such as the Creator’s truth regarding the definition of love, power and/or wealth.

         An example of an especially-wonderful experience is changing newly-located negative beliefs that have been held on up to (4) “Levels”, including the “Genetic Level”, and replacing them with new, Source-provided, positive beliefs – and then realizing, or hearing from your client – how much the dynamics with parent(s) and/or sibling(s) have changed and improved!

    Instant Information:

         ThetaHealing “readings” for our clients are done from the level of the “7th Plane of Existence”, and tend to be more accurate than third-eye readings. In the theta brain-wave state, questions are also often asked in conjunction with healing sessions to learn what the cause of a specific condition and/or illness might be, i.e., emotional, nutritional, chemical, etc., and the Source-provided information allows for greater levels of focus and deeper healing.

         ThetaHealing means never again being “in the dark”.  For all the times we might find ourselves saying, “I wish I knew _ _ _”, asking in theta provides the opportunity to quickly and easily receive the information desired - directly from Source!

    Development of Natural Intuitive abilities:

         Everything is energy, and while each of us is a unique expression of the same “Creative Life Force”, as is also said, we are “energy beings having a physical  experience”. As energy beings we are connected to everyone and everything, and it is natural for us to have experiences that are intuitive or empathic. ThetaHealing techniques are for everyone; they assist with our understanding of our experiences of “knowing” – often acknowledged as “gut feelings”, “hunches” or “instincts” - and also help us to comfortably move beyond fear and negative programming around these innate, human “powers”.

    Manifestation of Dreams:

         Using ThetaHealing techniques is one of the fastest ways to clear our life’s path of obstacles, so we can do more than just decide what it is we want, but also be really ready and – especially - able, to manifest the attainment of our goals – even instantly!

         For those of us who have felt like we didn’t know what we wanted to be when we grew up, and who later realized that we really feel good when we are able to assist others, ThetaHealing is by far one of the best modalities for being able to “hear” and receive our guidance, so we can manifest - as well as follow - “our bliss”.

         It is said that, “all we ever have to do is to ask”, and in ThetaHealing “asking” is literally co-creating with Source / All-That-Is.  Now really, who  could  ask for  better than that???


    ThetaHealing information - General - Part I -

    ThetaHealing information - General - Part II -

    ThetaHealing information - General - Follow Up -

    ThetaHealing information - General - Animals -

         The healing of our human DNA, by way of "DNA Activation", or the Orian Technique, as it has also been called, was an early aspect of the healing work channeled by Vianna in the theta brain-wave state.  She was shown by Source how to awaken, or "activate" the phantom strands that are already in the DNA. In Vianna's words, "Orian was originally associated with the DNA Activation, while ThetaHealing represents the complete healing modality."

         It was during the mid 1990's, when Vianna was working very hard to heal her body of what had recently been diagnosed first as bone cancer, and then subsequently as lymphatic cancer.  She had spent a lot of time in prayer, communing with Source, and was given information about human DNA, as well as the Youth-and-Vitality chromosome and the strands that for many people have been "latent", or inactive, for eons.  Source showed Vianna how to activate these strands for herself and others.  She was later told by Source that she was to go out and teach others how to do this activation technique, and that the information should be spread, as it would be vital to humanity in future years.

         Some reported benefits of DNA Activation are heightened intuition, improved healing ability, body detoxification, and effortless access to the different "Planes of Existence".  Interestingly, this latter benefit also provides easier access to our innate understanding of the "Laws of the Universe", such as the plant and mineral kingdoms, as well as magnetism and gravity, and more.  A few of many additional benefits have included greater feelings of agility and youthfulness, and even the fading of wrinkles and laugh lines.

         Now, years later, in reading and healing sessions on the whole, the DNA strands of so many more people are showing up as being already in the process of activation and completion.  This is especially true with children who are sometimes referred to as "Indigo Children", and is a phenomena that is often sited as evidence of the many changes that are taking place with humanity, and the raising of its frequencies and awareness.

    What Is Four-Level Belief Work?


    - Elbert Hubbard

         The Four-Level Belief Work includes the use of theta brain-wave techniques that, in fact, expedite the awareness of the DNA-Activation process. Even more amazingly, however, this work also allows for the conscious release of patterns and beliefs that often were previously unconscious, have been hindering the progress and achievement of our goals, and are no longer serving us.

         As a practitioner, trained in ThetaHealing / Four-Level Belief Work, I use my focused awareness to "hear" beliefs that are hidden within the client's perspective on their life's challenges. The process is interactive, and involves answers and information from the client, as well as from Source, Creator-of-All-That-Is. Additionally, whether working together in-person or remotely, and using the awareness of muscle testing, or "Kinesiology", through the wisdom of the client's well-hydrated body, there can be an actual physical experience that validates the client's beliefs.

         Once again, my function is as a facilitator / witness, and the session is co-created to find any bottom-line, or "Master", beliefs which can then - with the client's permission - be changed, alleviating the need to individually change each of the connected beliefs - much like pulling a hem thread. This can be important in assuring that unsatisfactory patterns will not be re-created.

         While it's true that not all beliefs are held at all four levels, with ThetaHealing techniques, we can be sure that all of the levels on which they have been held are completely cleared. The four levels of held beliefs are: 1) the Core Level, which include beliefs that come from this lifetime, including early ones based on fetal memories, and the work is witnessed in the brain's neurons; 2) the Genetic lineage, which includes those beliefs our parents and ancestors held, and for which the work is witnessed through the genes and the emotional field around the genes, or the "morphogenetic field"; 3) the History Level, or "Past Life" Level, which often includes resolving oaths / vows of poverty, as many of us had other embodiments that included life in religious or spiritual orders; and 4) the Soul Level, as many times our souls have "taken on" lessons / feelings, which are able then to be changed, such as, that our learning can be fun, as opposed to always being a struggle.

         Although we are each unique expressions of the one Creative Life Force, there are many areas of beliefs that are common to each of us as human beings. Many times the areas of beliefs chosen to change and heal include: acceptance, love & relationships, money, abundance & finances, happiness, health & weight, abilities, purpose & career, having discernment, worthiness & empowerment. Many of those who have used ThetaHealing / Four-Level Belief Work to replace old, hindering beliefs in these areas, as well as others, have reported positive results, including the re-balancing of their bodies and even, in some cases, the elimination of some physical challenges, or "projects".

         While it is certainly possible to change an entire belief "lineage" in a given session, more often it may take several sessions to replace deeply-held beliefs, including their many links. It is in the best interest of the sincere client, the one who truly desires to move forward in life by changing limiting beliefs, that the sessions are scheduled for a minimum of an hour. Mini Sessions and Check Ups are best utilized after initial Sessions have been completed, wherein the deeper belief work has already been completed.

         As a trained Practitioner of ThetaHealing, Four-Level Belief Work, I have had the privilege to be a witness for many individuals who have experienced release from formerly-held beliefs and fears that have kept them mired for years in frustration, hurt and anger - often at themselves. I have also had my own experiences and success stories, along the way, and also in the study of this remarkable modality. The efficacy of this amazing work truly allows us to rise above our past and beyond victimhood, as well as to become a co-creator of our future, and to manifest our dreams. From my own experiences, I know that a huge part of my being happy in life comes from the feeling I experience when I'm in alignment with my "purpose", or living my "Divine Calling". I know, too, that that can best be accomplished when, if I am feeling fearful of doing something, I am able to simply notice the fear, use these Source-guided tools to find the basis of the fear and release and/or replace it, and then go and do what it was I wanted to do!  To that end, I truly believe these techniques to be some of the fastest and most effective methods of achieving that state of guided harmony and joy.


    - John Lilly

         Revealing, stimulating and often amazing, appointments for ThetaHealing sessions usually last for an hour. Week-day sessions are available beginning at 10:30 a.m., with the last appointment of the day at 4:30 p.m.  Week-end appointments are by special arrangement.

         Additionally, ThetaHealing sessions are available remotely, on a long-distance basis, for both humans and animals. The same appointment scheduling and fee structures apply as for in-person animal sessions, and Remote sessions are prepaid*.

    ThetaHealing / Medical Intuition, Remote-Viewing Body Scan / Four-Level Belief Work,  and/or Source-Guided Spiritual Counseling -- $71.00 for a one-hour, week-day session, or $80.00 for week-end session (provide a reduced rate* for DNA Activation); $44.00 for a 30-minute Mini-Session; $26.00 for a 15-minute Check Up

    ThetaHealing / DNA Activation -- $71.00 includes a Chakra balancing, together with a Mini healing of the Unconditional-Love frequency being run through every cell of the body ($35.00 if the DNA is activated in conjunction WITH a one-hour Theta-Healing session). (*Please note: there is no DNA activation is offered for animals.)

    To set appointments contact me, Veronica Rose at 707-568-0767, or

    *To prepay remote appointments, make checks and/or money orders
    payable to Healing Hearts
    and mail to:

    465 Stony Point Rd., #138
    Santa Rosa, California  95401





         “Veronica is an amazing ThetaHealing practitioner with intuitive abilities to match. She has helped me through a difficult period in my life and gave me hope where there was none. Her connection with source is so pure and results in clear and concise feedback and answers to my questions from the creator. I feel so blessed to have met such a wonderful woman who has a passion to help others and a kind, warm heart. I not only view her as terrific healer but a mentor whose words of wisdom are cherished. Thanks for everything Veronica.”
                                                                                                - Ryan Doherty, N. Ireland

    "I recently contacted Veronica because I was about to leave on a cruise, and for some time I had been unable to locate certain items of value I had received when my Mother passed away, last year. We talked again the next day, after she used her Theta skills on the situation, and the information she provided led me right to them. I was able to leave the next day on my trip, with great relief, knowing they were secure, and that I had nothing to worry about."
                                                                                        - Darlyne A., Sacramento, Calif.

         "I contacted Veronica Rose through Vianna Stibal's web site when looking for Certified DNA Activation Practitioner. The DNA activation was done at a distance for me and was a wonderful confirmation in trusting my heart. Since that time, I have re-opened more fully and more completely to Divine Guidance and right there beside me has been Veronica. Answering my many questions and assisting to understand the process, how to continue on with unfolding my unique path. Using Theta Healing has enriched my life immensely and I thank Veronica for her supportive teaching methods that have honored my soul and my connection to God. She is a true treasure and all who come in contact with her are blessed. You can rest assured that Veronica is the highest form of teacher of Theta Healing and DNA Activation techniques."
                                                                                      - Gwen Mangum, Sun City, Calif.

         "My life was changed in so many ways by the Activation of my DNA by Veronica Rose. I was literally taken off a self-destructive mode and put on a path to self-love and more enlightenment. It re-routed my body chemistry and pre-paved my body to hold greater amounts of higher vibrations of light and, ever since, I experience greater access to the higher mind. I am so grateful."
                                                                                         - S. Richman, Santa Rosa, Calif.

         ThetaHealing techniques often seem "familiar" (perhaps from cellular memory and times gone before), and quickly become comfortable.  As is true with so many healing modalities, however, the "second-nature" use of them, as well as the clearing of limiting beliefs, happens with lots of practice, and one of the best ways to accelerate goal accomplishment is, of course, to work on yourself.

         Additionally, it is recommended that students seek out a partner with whom to trade ThetaHealing work outside of class, in order to accelerate their personal clearing and healing work, as well as their experience and confidence.

         Additionally, gathering regularly with groups of other students for healing practice has proven to be very beneficial. There are a number of certified Teachers who provide the time, energy and space in mini-class format in order to provide such support for students of this incredible modality.  In the near future a monthly ThetaHealing Mini Class will be added to the services I provide locally, and the date, time, and location information will be posted on this site.

         While ThetaHealing Classes are filled with lots of amazing information that seems both new and yet often familiar, they are usually experienced by students as being "very interesting", as well as, "a lot of fun".  Although the three days do contain didactic-style training, they are also filled with lots of "hands on" practice, in dyads, for the experiential seating of the information - at the cellular  level.

    Some of the many aspects of ThetaHealing taught at the Basic Level include:

        - Connecting with Source, Remote Viewing and understanding "commands"
        - About the (5) brain-wave states, the etheric field and the Chakra system
        - The "Psychic" senses, and "third-eye" / crown Chakra readings
        - Medical Intuition and body "scanning"
        - Orian-Theta Technique DNA activation, Unconditional-Love, group healing
        - The Four-Level Belief Work, and the importance of thoughts / words
        - The Seven Planes of Existence, Manifesting and Channeling
        - Soul Mates, Guardian Angels, Guides and Wayward Spirits
        - Soul Fragments, breaking Psychic Attacks & Hooks
        - The Gene Replacement technique, changing genetic programs for aging
        - Future & remote Readings, clearing coma, radiation and "implants"
        - Normalizing brain chemistry, chemical sensitivity and nutritional
        - Working with Animals

    The Class includes (3) days filled with incredible information and tools, wonderful experiences through lots of practice, your own Practitioner Manual, Vianna Stibal's newest book, “ThetaHealing", and a Practitioner's Certificate of  Completion.

    Pre-registration and Deposit of $175.00 are required, at which time class location & directions will be furnished.  The "Early-Bird" Registration  offers a $25.00 Discount for those students who reserve their class space on or before the Thursday falling (3) weeks prior to class. Thereafter, full class Tuition of $385.00 will apply.
    Review  Students may enjoy special pricing - please call for details.
    Scholarship Applications are considered for partial funding of the class Tuition, when Application is made at least (3) weeks in advance of the class, as circumstances are appropriate and funds are available.

                       Please check back for upcoming 2015 Classes                       

    (and Early-Bird Discount information)


    Simply print and complete the Class Registration Form.
    Make your deposit Check or Money Order
    payable to Healing Hearts,
    and mail it with your Class Registration Form to:
    Veronica Rose
    465 Stony Point Rd., #138

    Santa Rosa, California  95401


    Additionally offered are monthly, practice-group gatherings in support of students of ThetaHealing.  These gatherings are offered in a Mini-Class format, at a minimal cost, the proceeds of which help provide scholarship funds for new students who wish to learn this incredible healing modality - for the healing of their lives, as well as their beliefs.

    These Mini-Classes provide multiple opportunities for creating success.  Current students of ThetaHealing come together to practice, receive healing, have questions answered, as well as develop more comfort and certainty with these incredible techniques - and also to network with and support other students.  For those who are ready to learn this amazing modality - who have not yet healed their beliefs about money - the funds generated provide financial assistance toward becoming a ThetaHealing student, so they too can move beyond limitations - especially in their relationship to the abundance of the Universe and their own personal prosperity.

    The Mini-Classes meet one Saturday per month, from 1:00 - 3:00 p.m.
    Please call to confirm your attendance, as well as the location and/or directions.

    Please check back for upcoming 2015 Mini-Classes.

    For any other questions,
    please call me at 707-568-0767

         Much like humans, animals also have beliefs, and even fears beyond their simple "animal instincts". Cats and dogs who have been abandoned by their human companions will often have beliefs of being unworthy, undeserving and/or of being unlovable.

         Animals are especially sensitive to energy, and respond very well to ThetaHealing sessions. Typically, however, their needs require shorter sessions - usually around 30 minutes, with check-up sessions of around 15 minutes.

         ThetaHealing sessions for animals are additionally available remotely, on a long-distance basis. The appointment scheduling and fee structures apply as for "in-person" pet sessions, and remote sessions are prepaid*.

    Week-day appointments:    1/2-hour @ $44.00; 15-minute check-ups @ $26.00
    Week-end appointments:    1/2-hour @ $53.00; 15-minute check-ups @ $35.00

    To set appointments contact me, Veronica Rose at 707-568-0767, or

    *To prepay remote appointments, make checks and/or money orders
    payable to Healing Hearts
    and mail to:

    465 Stony Point Rd., #138
    Santa Rosa, California  95401




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