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     It was at a very-young age that I told my parents I wanted to marry a wealthy man so I could give a home to all of the stray dogs I found. In retrospect, I think it has always been the wonderfully non-judgmental and totally-unconditional love provided by our pets that is what has resonated to me over the years. I know, too, that the happiest years of my life have been those years when the home has been shared with one or more pets - most of which for so many years were canines, and now I am also blessed to have such very-special relationships with my feline companions. It is from this place of my love of animals, over these years that I've been living my "divine calling" in the healing arts, and working with subtle energies through one or more modalities, that I have so often been called to specialize in working with animals.

     In my early days of energy-healing work I was blessed to have several opportunities to use Reiki with a number of different horses belonging to friends and business associates.  One such friend commented after I had worked on the sore front hoof of his stallion, “It was so amazing to watch you working with him. You always moved your head away just a split second before he kicked up his leg!”

     A few years later, the beautiful frequencies of flower essences came into my life, and many of my clients began requesting readings of their pets, as well as their working animals, especially to see if there were any essences that would be of assistance. The feedback from clients was amazing, even in one particular situation where we simply added a few of the appropriate Bach Flower Remedies directly into the horse’s water trough.

     After Source brought ThetaHealing into my life, one of my Theta students, who knew I specialized in working with animals, referred a client to me to work with her cat, "Mr. T".  There were several sessions, which also included work for the cat’s human companion/client. Subsequently, I received a call from the client who wanted to know if I would be willing to do some healing work at a place called BrightHaven. My client had seen a flyer requesting donations in support of the work they were doing there with animals, and she wanted to donate a session of my healing services to them. I said “yes”, and a whole new  animal-healing adventure ensued.

     Together my client and I both experienced BrightHaven for the first time. It turned out to be a phenomenal residence, the energy of which had been brought into total harmony by way of Feng Shui, in a lovely home on a rural parcel of property in Sonoma County's lovely Kenwood area. In our visit and tour, we learned BrightHaven was dedicated to providing sanctuary for rescued elderly and/or handicapped animals - including cats, dogs, horses, chickens, goats, ducks, a frog and, for many years a wonderful, and very-blind Raven, called "Colin" – and many of whom were living far beyond their prognosis!  The exceptional  environment  enjoyed by the animals also included soothing, piped-in music, and the wonderfully-loving owners and volunteers of BrightHaven provided the animals with wonderful care, as well - including their own natural, raw-food diets, and natural healing alternatives - including vitamins, minerals, herbs, and even homeopathic remedies, which were dispensed from their very-own in-house  clinic.

     During that first visit to BrightHaven I provided healing sessions to a number of dogs, including one beautiful large dog who, sadly, had been thrown out of a car in the middle of a freeway, and "Ollie", a remarkably-happy little dog who “ran” around the house, seemingly without a care, and with his hips supported by - and his little, back legs hanging from – a small, 2-wheeled cart, the need for which was due to spinal injury.

     My volunteer work with BrightHaven continued over several more trips that were “in person” healing sessions with the animals, and also included several cats, each of whom had beliefs of not being worthy of being loved, and / or not deserving to be alive, both of which were a result of them having been abandoned by their early human companions.  Working with held "beliefs" - for animals - was definitely a new chapter in my life, and I found it very exciting.

     Being able to volunteer my healing services to the animals of BrightHaven was a wonderful experience, and it was truly a highlight in my life for which I will always be grateful to Source. I was able to continue working with BrightHaven for several more months, working “remotely”, until the decline in health of both of my own parents began requiring more of my time and attention.

     It is from this place in my heart, where I hold unconditional love for all of our unconditionally-loving animals, that I also provide Animal Communication and Healing services. Typically, animals are especially senisitive to subtle-energy healing and require shorter sessions than do humans - usually around 30 minutes, with check-up sessions of around 15 minutes.  It is my divine calling to contribute to improved relationships with both the humans and animals who are sharing the planet at this time, and I feel honored to be able to offer my services to you and / or your pet, on your respective paths of transformation.

     The ability to communicate with and understand each other, in non-verbal ways, is innate in all beings. Infants use non-verbal communication before language is learned: physical gestures, touch, emotional and mental communication. Since thoughts are some of the fastest forms of energy, “telepathic” communication, or “sharing pictures,” is extremely efficient. As adult humans, having been conditioned to use primarily spoken and/or written language, we have actually had to learn how to slow down our thoughts in order to form the appropriate word, to then speak or write our communication.

     The use of use non-verbal communication is also innate to other states of consciousness.  Examples of these types of common “language” include trees using pheromones to communicate with each other, bacteria using quorum-sensing and animals using sounds, signals and/or body language (see link under the "Informational Web Sites" section of my "Resources" page).

     The Orian or Theta Technique has proven to be a wonderful way to reconnect with that natural ability to communicate through “shared pictures,” not just among the human species but also with our animal friends. Since animals are extremely telepathic, they are constantly “reading,” or sensing our energy. As tamed animals, being empathic to their human companions will often lead pets to embody the role of the Shaman – they will literally take on the negative feelings, attitudes and/or illness. Working with Creator / Source-of-All-That-Is, and using the theta brain-wave state, a trained practitioner can easily “receive” the images our pets are continuously “sending”, and vice versa.

     Additionally, since the natural tendency of pets is to want please their humans, often the theta practitioner can completely improve problematic behavior and / or dynamics, by simply showing the pet images of their companion's pleased response to a new pattern. In this way, the practitioner can assist with an understanding of the mutual needs of the animal and the human companion, and facilitate the establishment of cooperative and healthy behavior.


     As well as for humans, ThetaHealing, Medical Intuition and Remote Viewing are superb tools to facilitate healing on our wonderful animal friends. As in sessions with human clients, as a ThetaHealing practitioner, I shift into a theta brain-wave state before I move my consciousness above the animal's body for a viewing and healing of physical or emotional "projects". Before entering the animal's sacred space, however, I first communicate reassurance about my intention and secure the consent of the animal's Higher Self. Then during the session, as always, Source provides the guidance, as well as the answers to the questions regarding the cause of the discomfort/condition/project - whether it is emotional, such as loneliness or grief, physical, as with abscesses, foxtails or toxic chemicals, and even beliefs about the need to leave their human companions, where the timing is necessary for the making of their transition by way of "death".  As in all cases, my role is to be in service, as the witness to the healing, which is performed by Source / Creator.

     Because animals are incredibly sensitive to psychic/energy work, they often require shorter, as well as fewer sessions to heal. They are especially responsive to the wonderful healing frequency and power of Unconditional Love; and sometimes Unconditional Love poured through every cell of their bodies is sufficient to provide a deep rest and thorough healing.


     Animals, like humans, may also have beliefs that interfere with their evolutionary path causing physical, emotional and spiritual issues. The infinite wisdom of Source will guide the work to uncover whatever may be preventing the animal from enjoying a happy and playful life with loving companions.

     While communicating with the animal and / or doing a healing session, as in sessions with humans, Source, will provide the information about the programs or beliefs that exist and are hampering/blocking the healing. If the animal has experienced rejection and/or abuse, there may be beliefs about being unworthy to be loved, or to even be alive. Just as for humans, these can be changed through the ThetaHealing techniques of Four Level Belief Work. The success of the session will be evident as the appropriate replacement belief becomes seated in the cells, and the animal's "truth" is then able to be lived.

     As always, with any theta work- whether for animal or human clients - we ask Source for the "Highest and Best Good" for the outcome of the particular situation.


     Like their human counterparts, animals can have mental and physical challenges that are caused by energy blockages. Many animals also have points on their bodies that directly correspond to ours, called "Safety Energy Locks" in the study of Jin Shin Jyutsu, and which open the flow of energy through the body where it was previously "stuck" or blocked.

     With the awareness of Jin Shin Jyutsu, the very-natural act of moving our hands over the bodies of animals - often resting on a few places for a moment or two - can result in the gentle release of blocked energy, allowing for the realignment of a horse's back, or the opening up of the hips of a dog who had been having difficulty jumping onto the bed.

     Once clients witness the healing of their animal's ailment(s) by way of Jin Shin Jyutsu Sessions, they often want to learn more. To that end, it is my intention to offer a very basic class with which people can assist their animals by the simple holding of places on the animal's body. Please check back for more information in the near future.

    Another way people often move into the place of using the awareness of Jin Shin Jyutsu to do simple body holds on animals is by first learning how they may help with projects in their own bodies, and that they find beneficial as they share the information with others. For those who subscribe to the theory that it is necessary to "fill ourselves up first, in order to fill up others", whether they be animal or human, Jin Shin Jyutsu Self-Help Classes, are a wonderful way to learn helpful hand placement for both releasing fatigue and "filling up".


     As is true for humans, animals can benefit greatly from the wonderful Universal Life Force Energy, known as Reiki. Reiki energy has its own intelligence, and adjusts to the needs of each animal, or person - it loosens up blocked energy, promotes a state of total relaxation and works with the body's natural ability to heal itself. It knows what to do, where to go, what needs to be healed and how to heal it. It distributes energy within the body, and cleanses the body of toxins and poisons.

     For the person who has been attuned to the subtle frequencies of Reiki, the simple, and very-natural acts of holding and / or petting pets and other animals can become healing sessions, as the energy is automatically channeled through the hands to the pet.

     Often, when clients have had the opportunity to witness the improvement in the health of their animal(s) by way of Reiki Sessions, they feel drawn to learn more about Reiki and / or working on projects in their own bodies with their own sessions. Additionally, they may even be very eager to pursue the attunement process for themselves. For them, receiving their attunements during the course of Reiki Training is both a beautiful ceremony as well as a sacred experience



All of the above Communication and Healing services can be provided in person OR remotely - for both animals AND humans:

Pricing for all of the above Animal Communication and Healing sessions is:

Week-day appointments:    1/2-hour @ $44.00; 15-minute check-ups @ $26.00
Week-end appointments:    1/2-hour @ $53.00; 15-minute check-ups @ $35.00

     Like their human counterparts, animals have states of fear - even worry - that can contribute to challenging behavior. They have feelings and often experience stress, especially with loss of a loved companion - whether a human or another animal - or changes in their environment. They definitely are affected by our moods, and frequently "take on" our fear and / or illness, like little Shamanic healers.

     Essences, and specifically Bach Flower Remedies, can help restore harmony, calm and emotional balance when tender loving care isn't enough, and specific medical projects have been eliminated as the cause of disturbance. They work in ways that are organic and non-invasive, and there are many available testimonies as to their efficacy. Additionally, where the specific date, time and place of birth of a pet is known, the wonderful, custom blend of Bach Flower Remedies is as beneficial to animals as it is to humans.


     "I personally use my own Astral Bach formula regularly, and I also automatically use my "Emergency Formula" - which is the same as Dr. Bach's original "Rescue Remedy" - at any kind of "upset", or as otherwise needed. Additionally, in the recent past, I found the use of the same specific remedies so very helpful for both of my cats, as well as for myself, when we lost our 20-year-old feline friend, who had originally been a well-loved companion to both my father and mother, each of whom had passed away 2 1/2 and 1 1/2 years before, respectively."

                         - Veronica Rose, Healing Practitioner/Teacher, Santa Rosa, Calif.


    Boy! You really are psychic!!  I’ve kept your card handy in my kitchen ever since you worked on my 2 cats, and one of my friends had just asked me if you also work on dogs. She has a friend who has a dog with a tumor, and I told her I was sure you do. Then, just this morning – right before I came home and found your card letting me know you, and your little puppy, Poppi, had stopped by to say “hello” - I had, literally, just, given your contact information to her, to pass along to her friend, so she can contact you to work with her dog, and you’ll be hearing from her soon.
                                                                         - Gerry R., Santa Rosa, Calif. 

    “I just had to call you about Buddy. I don’t know how you did it - it’s a miracle. The Vet didn’t know what to do for him, after he flew into the drain-cleaning chemicals, and they are just amazed. He’s just fine now and such a happy little bird. He sits on my chest and gives me “nibble kisses” on the nose. My daughter and I are so grateful. It was a miracle, and I just had to tell you.”
                                                                        - Slavica Jurdjevic, Agoura Hills, Calif. 

     "Since we've been adding the remedies to his little water dish, our parrot, "Max" has definitely shown signs of improvement. The plucking out of his feathers has lessened greatly."
                                                                                    - P. Arbuckle, Santa Rosa, Calif.

     “My beloved friend, ‘Sally’, is my full-time companion and ‘working dog’ for my therapy practice. Recently she had been ill, and had a tumor that had to be surgically removed from one of her toes. After the surgery, however, she continued to become weaker, and I made an appointment with Veronica for a consultation to determine the source of her distress, and its origination. After the session, Veronica explained to me that while she was in the theta brain-wave state, Sally ‘showed her pictures’ of having been poisoned by someone who had trespassed at the far end of my rural property. While still in theta, Veronica gave Sally a healing session, and was advised by ‘Source’ that it would be beneficial if I gave Sally milk thistle, to gently support the cleansing of her liver during recuperation. I immediately began supplementing with the herb, and shortly thereafter, Sally was able to return to her duties in our work.”
                                                                                         - W. Shore, Santa Rosa, Calif.

     “I recently brought a new kitten into our home, where we already had another feline companion who had been our primary cat resident for many years. Our older cat was not eating well, and the new kitten was frightened all of the time. Although I’ve been a Canine Behaviorist and Trainer for many years, I found this situation to be way beyond what I had the time to try to figure out.  Fortunately, one of my friends told me about her friend, Veronica, and a lot about the healing work with animals she’d been doing for years.  I called her right away, and at the end of the session I scheduled with her, she amazingly told me how, while in the theta state she was shown about the relationship the cats had experienced with each other in a ‘past life’, as well as the “agreements” that were not completed. Veronica worked with ‘Source’, who assisted with negotiations between the cats, and ‘Unconditional Love’ was run through both of them, as well as through our home. Later in the evening I noticed that there seemed to be a subtle shift in the dynamics between them and, by the next day they were showing great promise of even becoming friends.  Now, there is finally harmony between them - they even sleep and play together!  Since sitting in on that session, I’ve decided to take one of Veronica's classes and learn how to do ThetaHealing – it should make my work with dogs a lot easier!”
                                                                                            - Denise P., Windsor, Calif.

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